Texas Schools Sue State, Saying Funding is Unfair

"It seems like litigation is the only way to bring about substantial change," says Randel Beaver, Superintendent of Archer City ISD.

Beaver says this summer's cut of 4 billion dollars to public school funding has pushed many districts over the edge making many interested in joining forces to go against the state.

"Our student  population in Texas has been growing so there's been a need for additional funds for a long time," he explains.

He says the problem goes back to when the state decided to substitute  property taxes for business taxes to go towards funding.  He says that swap was never able to produce the amount of revenue needed.

Parents say they are concerned about the money going towards their children's education.

"The legislature has really tied the hands of school across the state, cutting funding while requiring more and more," says parent and school board member Jill Dunkel.

Archer City ISD has been fortunate to not have any teacher lay-offs but the budget has grown noticeably smaller.

Beaver says, "We have tightened the budget, we've raised our taxes to the maximum."

Along with raising city taxes the school has also cut back on expenses like student travel and while he says they have had to make some adjustments, it's nothing compared to some other schools.

"We're in this cause as much for Archer City, but more so for equity and fairness to all the kids across the state of Texas.  We know there are many school districts that are hurting," adds Beaver.

"It's more of a wake up call to the state to say look, you are asking for more and more and giving us less and less to do that with and children are our future.  We've got to educate them now because they will be the workforce and our leaders down the road," says Dunkel.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.