New Stores Bring New Jobs to Wichita Falls

A project nearly six years in the making will be finished in just about two weeks.  Stores like Coldwater Creek, Charmin Charlie's, and Kirklands will be opening their doors soon.

"We've got an under retailed market.  We don't have many of the retailers to serve our marketplace like Dallas and Fort Worth so that's a tremendous aspect," says Andy Lee, project manager.

Lee is in charge of developing shopping centers like Quail Creek Crossing, Parker Square, and Faith Village says the need for more retail in Wichita Falls is great.  But more than meeting the needs of shoppers, these new businesses also promise to bring more employment to locals.

"We expect to add another 120 people to our job market here," says Lee.

145 jobs were created in phase one of this project, but with the Wichita Falls unemployment rate at 7.4%, boost in jobs couldn't be better news.

"I'm glad that they are creating more stores because it's going to provide more employment for the people here because we do have a lot of people that are on unemployment right now because there's not enough work in Wichita Falls," says Wichita local, Stacie Bailey.

"A lot of the factories around here have been closing and laying people off and it'll be good to just have some extra places where people can go and get some new jobs,"  adds shopper, Devin Williams.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.