Aggressive Salesman Goes Door to Door

Residents in the Cashion community say Wednesday night around eight o'clock a strange man was seen going door to door.

"He was a little bit more mouthy with the neighbors, I heard from them.  They called to let me know when he came over just to kind of give me a heads up," says Rachel Geeze, a Cashion resident.

Rachel says the man then approached her home.

"I didn't even open the door because I wasn't trusting who was coming around at night and he was a little inappropriate with my husband when he asked him to leave," she says.

He told residents he was a salesman looking to sell his window cleaning product and when people said no thanks he got aggressive.  One resident did not want to be on camera, but did say that the man refused to leave his property.  He then began listing valuables inside the mans home and saying that if he had money to buy those things he should have enough money for window cleaner.  He then told the homeowner that if he didn't get people to purchase his cleaner he would have to start robbing homes for money.

"He didn't have a business card or there was no vehicle outside with the name on it or anything.  He was just walking around the neighborhood and talking to people trying to sell his product," Rachel says.

Everyone in the neighborhood says the man didn't mention if he worked for a business, but did say he needed money to travel to California.

"There's been other strange people going around other neighborhoods relatively close and it's just good if they come at night, you don't have to open the door for them and if they get aggressive then take it as such and  get help," she says.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.