Water Well Business is Flowing

Ever since the start of this year's drought George Berre says business has been good. 

"I hate to think of it in that term, but it's true.  It really increased the demand for people wanting wells," George says.

Currently about 35 wells behind schedule, he says droughts always bring in the most calls from costumers.

"When there's not a drought going on it's sort of a little slow, but when you get into a situation like this the demand goes right through the roof and there's not many drillers around so the few that there are all really busy," he says.

George says most of his calls come from homeowners looking to keep their yards alive and green, but some of the most desperate costumers have been ranchers.

"We have had a lot of ranchers that have livestock.  Some of them have been faced with either getting a well put in or selling their cattle because hauling water is cost prohibitive," George explains.

Having your own personal water well has many luxuries according to George, making it more attractive than city water for many, keeping costs down and also allowing people to water with or without restrictions from the city.

"Having that water available without the city having any restrictions on it a good thing.  If you have cattle or if you just have a yard you're trying to keep your grass green and your trees alive," he says.

With the amount of calls George says he gets per day, he says he expects business to continue to flow well into the future.

"We look to be drilling all through the winter and into the next year," says George.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.