WFISD Funds School Improvement Plans

Plans for improvements for WFISD schools will begin immediately.

"We're beginning to put wheels on the plans and make sure that they are implemented as quickly as possible and in a timely manner," says Assistant Superintendent Dr. Tim Powers.

Hirschi High, Wichita Falls High, Burgess and Washington Jackson Elementary are all ranked academically unacceptable and now the school district has pulled together plans and money to make improvements where they are needed most.

"We developed school improvement plans for our academically unacceptable campuses and through the development of the plans we realized some of the plans would require some additional monies," says Powers.

But he says it's more than the money.

"It's not the money, it's what were doing in the plans that we expect the plans as they are fully implemented and we have our students engaged," he says.

With recent extreme budget cuts he says this plan was considered carefully.

"We spent many, many, many hours evaluating the data and then analyzing how we could get to where we needed to be," says Powers.

Plans include adding an extra hour at either the beginning or end of the school day, giving teachers the chance to focus on students who need more help.  Also, equipment like Scantron machines will be ordered for teachers to better assess student's needs.  Officials also want to see a mentoring program put in place to get kids back on track.  Parents say they are happy to see these plans in place.

"I think it's good that they are doing that because they sure do need it and as long as it gets put to good use here and the other schools because they really need some funding," says Rose Martin, a parent  from Washington Jackson Elementary.

"We've got to do something.  Put this money towards it and fix this thing," adds grandparent Glenn Rose."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.