Growing the Local Economy in Nocona

One Texoma town is making big changes to grow its economy. Parts of the city of Nocona are being renovated which means help wanted signs are going up downtown. 

Newschannel 6 crews toured Nocona with city leaders and found out the city project has been in the works for some time now.

Nocona's Mayor Robert Fenoglio says for about 20 years now they have been wanting to make changes to the city and now it is finally happening. Currently there are seven downtown buildings under construction and all the work has created some construction jobs.       

The company heading up most of the work belongs to the mayor's brother, Dan Fenoglio, who has a new vision for downtown Nocona.

The work has been nonstop and the Nocona downtown strip is getting a much needed makeover. Dan Fenoglio, a Nocona native, is among other building owners who want to bring the streets of Nocona back to life.

Fenoglio comments, "People would bring me old photographs of what it looked like back in the 20's. It was really cool that you'd look at the old pictures and see how vibrant the downtown was."

Fenoglio was inspired by his grandfather who owned a grocery store downtown in the 1900's. In 2003 Fenoglio transformed his grandfather's store into a modern day saloon, keeping the historic feel and touch. He says the change is inspiring others to renovate their buildings.

Fenoglio says, "Everything was downtown and they've all dilapidated and gone away. It's neat that we have people that are interested now. We got so many people in downtown that came in and redid their buildings."

Fenoglio's construction company is working on six downtown buildings. He says he is trying to keep everything as local and unique as possible, from the people he hires, to the vendors, and to the architectural details.

But Fenoglio says it is a community effort. "We just got a lot of positive things going on and a lot of positive people that are working. Our NEDC (Nocona Economic Development Committee) Director, the Chamber of Commerce, our Mayor, City Council, everybody is all behind to really try to get Nocona a step up."

Nocona's mayor says it is not just the downtown area getting a makeover. The mayor himself recently opened a new hotel off highway 82 that is bringing in people from all over the world. 
He says Nocona's Museum also has a new look.

Nocona city leaders tell Newschannel 6 there is not a timeline for the construction to be complete. They are hopeful that Nocona's new look will bring in more people and give a boost to their local economy. City leaders say they have not received any federal dollars for the projects.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6