Sexual Assault Investigation At Wichita Falls High School

Wichita Falls police are investigating a possible sexual assault at Wichita Falls High School.

Wichita Falls I.S.D. Public Information Officer Renae Murphy said the alleged incident happened Monday during lunch at Old High. She said an 18-year-old was suspended and placed in an alternative placement center.

WFHS Principal Kevin Shipley was open with parents about the incident via parent link. There he stated, "During lunch, two students who know each other, a male and a female, went to a remote part of the building that is a restricted area of the school.  Unfortunately, this is where an alleged sexual misconduct incident occurred between these students.  As soon as the victim notified campus administration, the other student was immediately removed from class and law enforcement was notified to begin investigating the incident.  The student is not in school and the victim has received assistance.  The school is now working with police in this matter as they investigate."

Parents that spoke with Newschannel 6 all agreed something needs to be done about the situation. There were differing opinions as to what needs to be done. Angelica DeLeon things parents should step up and talk to kids. "Security might need to be beefed up a little more but at the same time parents need to speak to our children and they need to realize that we need to take care of ourselves, as well. Sometimes we can't always depend on others to do it, we have to do it ourselves," she said.

Others like Esther Hernendez think the school needs to do more. "When they are here they have to have that responsibility inside the school," she said of school officials.

Wichita Falls police have not arrested anyone at this time.