UPDATE: Archer City ISD Bomb Threat

An Archer City ISD student who made a bomb threat against the school for today was arrested last night by Archer County Sheriffs, according to Archer City Police Chief Joe Burton.

Burton said, "They picked him up yesterday.  Juvenile probation made a determination that there was enough evidence to arrest him on.  They got an order to detain, which is the equivalent of a warrant for a juvenile between 4-4:40 p.m.."

Archer County Sheriff Beesinger said the former student was arrested without incident around 5 p.m. Monday.  He is being detained at Wichita County Juvenile Center and will have a detention hearing today.  There was no bomb-making material found and sheriff's office had officers around the school this morning for increased security.

Archer City ISD is not pressing charges against the former student who made the threat, but police have requested juvenile probation take the case and pursue terroristic threat charges.