Rangers Series Boosting Local Economy

The Rangers return to the World Series has Texoma cheering and spending cash. Some area businesses and restaurants are seeing a boost in sales. For places like Buffalo Wild Wings that means busy shifts especially days like Sunday when both the Cowboys and the Rangers played.
"We'll even put tables on the stage and the patio even gets filled up no matter how cold or hot it is there are some dedicated Rangers fans for sure," said Buffalo Wild Wings servers Breann Jackson and Tia Terry.

Dedicated fans like Stephanie Domenici and Stacy Walker. They got to the restaurant an hour and half before the Rangers game and will stay long after.

"When they're playing we either come out to some place like here," said Domenici

"We just get appetizers, drinks," said Walker.

And to accommodate the extra crowd another 20 cases of wings each carrying 300 were brought in alongside a number of staff.

"We actually had to hire more people. I don't want to say it was definitely for the World Series but it definitely helped," said server Tia Terry.

Walmart Co-Manager Brad Rodgers says they're selection of merchandise is going fast.

"Anytime a sports team is winning in Texas we always get more sales," he said. "This shipment actually right here we got right after they won the conference championship and we've sold through most of all the sizes that people wear."

The World Series makes for a big boost in local sales and assuming the Rangers come away with the series more gear will come flying off their racks purchased from loyal fans.

"The rangers are going to take it home this year," said Domenici.

Compared to last year Walmart says sales have increased this World Series. Managers contribute that to an increase in fans after last year's great season.

Both Academy and Big 5 Sporting Goods representatives say they are selling a good amount of merchandise at their locations.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.