Archer County on the Lookout for Polluters

"We've had a lot of illegal dumping on the county roads especially on bridges and culverts and they are throwing couches and all kinds of stuff away," says Chief Deputy Jack Curd.

Trash is easy to spot along many Archer County roads, a problem that residents say has gotten out of control.

"There's been places where people just dump their whole trash and everything, just trash bags and everything on the side of the road," says resident Hayden Frank.

"Throw dead animals, ice boxes, all their trash and then we've got to spend tax money to clean it up," says Roy Pope, another resident.

Not only is the trash an eye sore, but it's hurting the land.  Ranchers and landowners have complained that the trash has been clogging drainage and causing flooding on their property.
Besides catching polluters the cameras will also serve to catch street sign thieves and vandals, another problem deputies say has the potential to become dangerous.

"Someone steals a stop sign at certain interactions and someone goes through it and not stop and has a wreck it could be pretty bad," says Curd.

So far one camera has been installed in a hidden location.  And while hidden cameras can make some uncomfortable Curd says it is not the county's goal to watch the comings and goings of residents.

Curd says, "We're not trying to be big brother.  We don't want to see who is driving up and down the roads that doesn't bother us, but what we do want to stop is the illegal dumping on the roads.  Hopefully it'll just deter people."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.