Spooky Sales Scary Good

Halloween is right around the corner and shoppers everywhere are putting the finishing touches on decorations and costumes. A recent study by the National Retail Foundation finds that 70 percent of Americans plan to celebrate the holiday this year. Some people Newschannel 6 people spoke with say they plan on spending hundreds of dollars.

"I probably spent like $300 so far," said Troy Hamberg.
"We'll probably spend $100," said Timothy and Anastasia Bond.
"It's $31 which I think is kind of a lot," said Rhonda Riley.

From Super Girl to Super Mario, these costumes require a decent amount of cash and it's money people are willing to fork over.

"We're pretty big on Halloween," said Anastasia Bond. "We always do it every year and they enjoy it so we have to have costumes."

It's estimated Halloween spending will total $6.9 billion with the average American shelling out $72.31 on costumes, candy and decorations. Troy Hamberg is spending much more at $300 dollars he says it's worth it as long as everyone gets a thrill.

My kids are only young once so we want to splurge with them and celebrate," he said.

Halloween celebrations don't just take place on one day. The Sunrise Optimist Club holds their annual haunted house weeks before and the effects of good local spending are trickling back to them.

"Our attendance in the haunted house is up itself about 10 to 12 percent and the carnival is brand new, but this weekend doubled from what it was the first weekend," said Bill Franklin with the Sunrise Optimist club.

It's their 12th year of having the haunted house and knowing the economy isn't at its peak has kept prices down.

"We kept out prices at $5, the same as last year. We've resisted raising the prices," said Franklin.

It's day of trick or treating with outlandish costumes and it's all for the sake of getting a scare without killing your wallet.

All the proceeds from the Sunrise Optimist Club Haunted House go to the different boosters that are working the carnival and the club itself which helps sponsor different events for the youth in our community. The haunted house and carnival will be open Friday through Monday. For more information click here.

Newschannel six offers our own Halloween event. It's free and everyone is welcome to Safe Kids. It's at the Howard Johnson Inn from 6pm to 8:30pm on Halloween. Special needs children can arrive at 5:30. There will be lots of candy and fun for everyone to enjoy. We hope to see you there!

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.