Get Your Pink On For Breast Cancer Awareness

There was a sea of pink today as United Regional Hospital employees wore their "Get Your Pink On" t-shirt.

Almost 500 employees made their way to the intersection of 11th and Brook, where they screamed "Get your pink on for Breast Cancer Awareness!"

Doctors say preventing breast cancer is a three part process. First, women need to perform a monthly self-exam, then they need to get a mammogram, along with an annual doctors visit.

The 3 steps work together so that no one stands alone.

Rosey Scruggs, a breast cancer survivor and United Regional Hospital Employee, explained what this event meant to her. "Breast cancer awareness month means so much to me, as a survivor I want more women to know,' hey maybe I should go do the mammogram, even though its not in my family, I have no history.' It's so important to be aware. The awareness is huge."

Susan Bashman, the Mammography Coordinator for United Regional Hospital, talked about how the community could be aware of the "Get Your Pink On" event. "It's so important for everyone in our community to not only realize what pink means in the breast cancer awareness level, not only today or tomorrow, or through the remainder of this month, but for the rest of the year."

Doctors say women should get a baseline mammogram between the age of 35-and 40 and after 40 they should get a mammogram once a year.