Heater Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Most heater units in Texoma have been left untouched until recently and after several months of collecting dust, yearly maintenance is a must.   

"Gets a little busier because the heat season is starting up and people are wanting to have their furnaces checked out for the winter," says Steve Ross, owner of Trinity Air Conditioning.

Ross says customer calls for maintenance checks come in extra heavy this time of year.  One homeowner says he never skips on getting his heater checked each year.

"It's so essential to get your home checked every year.  Get it from winter to summer and summer to winter," says homeowner Joel Jimenez.

"It's extremely important that they have it serviced once a year, preferably when they start up in the early season like this in October," says Ross.

Professionals can check your unit connections, look for leaks, lubricate the machine and make sure motors are running properly, but homeowners should follow a checklist of their own as well.  

"Keep the furnace closet clean of any debris, mops, or clothing or anything like that might be flammable," Ross advises.

Make sure vents are cleaned and open so air flow isn't obstructed and filters should be changed every ninety days.

"We would recommend the homeowner has carbon monoxide detector somewhere in the house that's operating and they need to make sure the battery is up to date on it and checked," says Ross.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.