Communities In School Greater Wichita Falls Area Awarded $20,000

A Texoma organization is getting some financial aid of its own, to help WFISD students stay on the right track. Communities In Schools Greater Wichita Falls Area is a non-profit that helps at risk students at Wichita Falls High School.

Newschannel 6 was there Wednesday as the non-profit got a boost worth thousands of dollars. This grant came at a crucial time. The Alcoa Foundation division located in Wichita Falls handed over $20,000 to Communities In Schools. That program tells us their funding was just cut by $30,000.

Communities In Schools has been helping students in the WFISD for three years and now the organization is getting some much needed help it deserves.   

Xochitl Pruit, Executive Director of the program comments, "We are very happy and pleased this is going to help out additional students."

Xochitl Pruit says Communities In Schools provides an after school tutoring and mentorship program for kids in need at Wichita Falls High School. The majority of students in the program  are considered economically disadvantaged. Pruit says, "If a child is worried about whether or not they are going to eat or worried about where they're going to stay, how can we expect them to concentrate on what they are doing at school."

The after school program has been a great support system for those kids. Pruite says, "This is all about academic success and this is about getting our students to be successful. We want to be able to have them graduate and be responsible citizens. We want them to have goals, dreams, and we want to be there to be able to help them out."

And now Alcoa Howmet is playing a big part in making sure these kids have a chance at a successful future. Kim Ballard, Financial Controller at Alcoa Howmet says, "The education is a vital part of our future here in this community. We want to give back here. We feel it is important to help all students, maybe even those that are at a disadvantage."

Communities In Schools tells us the extra money will help add teachers and tutors to the program. The organization hopes it can keep growing and end up helping other school districts in need.

Alcoa Howmet says the month of October is slated as the month of service. It is planning to give a total of $100,000 to organizations in need in the Wichita Falls area.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6