VFD Training Center in the Works

One Texoma volunteer fire department is working to bring a training center to their area. The Henrietta VFD has the project as part of a major capital fundraising campaign.

Mike Roberts, the Henrietta VFD Chief says the training is critical. "When you go into a house fire, you have to have someone that knows what they are doing to get in there and get out and get safe coming in and out and if you don't have that training, you could lose a life in a split second," he said.

Right now, many firefighters have to travel to Texas A&M to get training. That causes extra costs, and places a burden on the departments. "Most people these days can't take off a week and go to A&M. It costs so much money, you have kids, you have a family plus your job won't let you off for a week to go down there," he explained.

The hope is to create a center where departments around the area can train. Right now, the project is just waiting on donations to fund it. The center will cost $165,000. "We've got plenty of room, we've got plenty of people to help us do what we need to do with it, we just need the money and we need it bad," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6