Iconic Beaumont Drive-In Diner To Be Demolished

BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) - There is nothing left that stands between the iconic Pig Stand No. 41 in Beaumont and the wrecking ball.

The Beaumont City Council has approved a zoning variance to allow for a convenience store and gas station to replace the colorful "flying saucer"-style drive-in. No demolition date has been set.

From 1941 until it closed in 2006, carhops served Southern-style barbecue sandwiches to customers. In 2010, the Society for Commercial Archeology listed the building as one of the nation's top 10 most endangered roadside attractions.

The Beaumont Enterprise reports the cost of removing asbestos hurt efforts by historical preservationists to save the building.

The Pig Stand chain started in Dallas in 1921, where it built what many credit with being the first drive-in restaurant. It went bankrupt in 2006.