Iowa Park CISD Changes Fundraisers

When student organizations need money they often look to the community to help but now options are limited in Iowa Park where the School Board voted this week to limit the number of fundraisers students can hold.

The board decided to address the issue after looking into how cash is handled by students during fundraisers. That grew into the larger concern about the policy and officials want to make sure the community isn't overwhelmed.

Superintendent Jerry Baird said the business community in Iowa Park is small, but supportive. "They support so many activities of our youngsters and they are going to continue to do that, but we want to do our part to - as a community partner - in saying look, if there an area that the School District needs to place more money into, perhaps we need to do that to offset some of these fund raisers," he said.

All the traditional fundraisers will still be there, but some programs have been consolidated and combined. Booster clubs are not affected.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6