New Water Lines to Eliminate Electra Water Woes

Residents in Electra are looking forward to getting clean water. For the past few years those who live in the northern part of town have had to deal with rusty, undrinkable water. Now all of that is about to change thanks to a STEP grant. Those affected have not always had a problem. It began a few years ago when Electra started receiving their water from Wichita Falls, which then flowed through Iowa Park and eventually into Electra. When that started the water started flowing through the old cast iron pipes and that's when their water woes started.

Eugene Gowen will not even take a sip out of the water coming from his faucet.

"We don't drink this. We don't make coffee out of it because it's red and it's got iron oxide in it," said Gowen.

Eugene Gowen knows that his water woes weren't always a problem and that's why he was one of more than dozen residents at Wednesdays meeting inside the Electra City Hall, all committed to getting clean, fresh water.

"We're all in this together out here and everybody out here will help in some form or fashion," said Gowen.

"The ranchers, farmers in the area have volunteered to help us construct the lines with the back hoes, trenchers," said Interim City Administrator Joe Pence.

It's a community effort and one that was possible though a $350,000 STEP grant.

"They're tired of drinking old brown water, they're very happy," said Pence.

The construction will run from 287, down through highway 25 for a few miles. Construction will begin in the spring and be complete in the fall.

The new line will be placed on the east side of the road so it will not interrupt water service during construction. Once everything is complete the old line will be shut off.

Through the grant those who are helping aid in the process with equipment will be paid for their fuel costs.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.