Texoma Firefighters Relief Fund Drive

Fire departments across Texoma are gearing up for what they consider their busiest fire season, the winter months. Right now community members are coming together to show support to these dedicated men and women.

Firefighters tell Newschannel 6 that having the community's support is what keeps them motivated.

Usually firefighters helmets are used to protect them, but on Saturday they will be used in a different way. Their goal is to fill the helmets up with your donations because with another busy fire season on the horizon, expenses can really add up.

Adam Brinkman, Lieutenant with Wichita West Volunteer Fire Department tells us, "This year being a kind of double fire season I guess you can say we've had to budget the double amount then we normally would." And the price tag is already sitting at a few thousand dollars.

Brinkman says as temperatures drop and the winds pick up all the dead vegetation out there is just fuel to any fire. "All fire departments gear up more for the winter time for grass fires then we actually do in the summer time."

But what keeps these courageous men and women going is the support.   
Brinkman comments, "We do this job not for the thank you's or anything like that. It's just the sense of wanting to help. The fact that the entire community is coming together and wanting to support all the VFD's it makes you feel good."

And for Janet Beard hearing that gives her a sense of satisfaction and she wants to pay it forward. Janet Beard, owner of Harvest Drug and Gift says, "We need to communicate to our firefighters how near and dear they are to our hearts. The community needs to let these guys know how important they are to us."

So Beard and her husband are doing just that. They have decided to rally the community together and help all Texoma firefighters to raise money for relief funds.

Brinkman says he couldn't of asked for a better support system. "To see the community come together like they've had, especially this past year it's been a really good feeling. It makes us want to continue even more. This is what keeps us motivated to go out there. The community can have a sense of assurance in us to know that we're going to be there no matter what the call is, paid or volunteer."

The event kicks off Saturday to raise money for relief funds for all volunteer fire departments and city departments. It takes place at Harvest Drug and Gift on Kell from 9 to 5pm. There will be food, live music, and firefighters on site taking your donations.

Residents can designate who they want to donate to.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6