More Jobs Headed to Iowa Park

More jobs are headed to Iowa Park. S-5! Manufacturing is taking over the old Wal-Mart building near the end of November. Initially, the company will hire around 17 workers, but will grow more in the coming years. The company makes metal products.

Economic Development Director David Owen said the jobs will have a trickle-down effect to the whole town's economy. "You get 17 to 30 employees working here, hopefully a good portion of them, if not all of them will buy houses here in Iowa Park.  They will be eating here, they will be buying groceries here and it will be a boost to the economy in Iowa Park," said Owen.

The 4A Corporation agreed to pay for asbestos abatement on the Wal-Mart building and to add a large door. Work began on removing the asbestos in the floor, on Monday.

The plans don't end at the Wal-Mart building, which is owned by the City. S-5! is building a 20,000+ square foot facility on 7 acres in the industrial park along U.S. 287. The City is annexing that property, to be able to offer tax abatements.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6