Safe Kids Halloween

Sixteen years and going strong Sake Kids Halloween ended with a bang. Children ducked their way through cobwebs and ran away from creatures, all to get what they wanted most, candy.

One by one the coveted words of Halloween were spoken by all the children, 'trick or treat.'

But some put their own spin on it, "Trick or treat, smell my feet give me something good to eat!" exclaimed one little boy.

There was certainly enough treats to go around as every room on the first floor
of the Howard Johnson was booked by a sponsor, either an organization or a business and each had more than enough candy to go around.

"It's been great so far. The hotel has been really good, it's decorated really nice and it's just a lot of fun being out with the kids and seeing their costumes," said Todd Peterson's of Peterson's Portrait Gallery.

"I'm a sea monster!" said one little girl.
"I'm a vampire!" said the daughter of Kerry Thomas.

Kerry Thomas brings his children out every year after experiencing it for himself when he was a child.

"It's cool to be able to bring them down here too so they can be able to enjoy it," he said.

This annual Halloween event is a safe alternative to the tradition of door to door knocking, that's why every year bikers against child abuse participates in Safe Kids.

"We're all about keeping kids safe and working with the children so what better place to be than here making sure the kids stay safe," said David Schmid with BACA.

It was a success, so much so the dead couldn't be kept inside their grave.

We hope to see you out at Safe Kids 2012.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.