Storm Ready Bowie Saves Residents Money

The City of Bowie is working to make the community safer. For the efforts, the National Weather Service is recognizing the City as a Storm Ready Community.

Part of the process to get certified as a Storm Ready Community is to have a central command point in times of crisis. The City built a new emergency operations center for that purpose. "This EOC as we've got it is one of the major requirements that you've got to have to be a Storm Ready Community. You've got to have a place that's organized and ready to go at a minute's notice," said Emergency Management Coordinator Jimmy Spinks.

The facility is built in the back of the community room and is equipped with a full complement of computers, radios and maps. "We can stay on top of things. We've got maps we can plot storm damage, or if we had a tornado warning we can plot all of these things because we've got radar systems and emergency communication systems," he said.

In addition to giving the City an organized plan, being Storm Ready will help save residents money. "The information goes out to the insurance companies, the local insurance agents this will give people a lesser of a premium on their insurance rates," said Spinks.

To see the list of requirements for a community to be Storm Ready, click here.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6