Secondhand Smoke Linked To Learning Disabilities

Not only are children who are surrounded by Secondhand Smoke at a greater risk of asthma, but also learning disabilities.
That finding was in a recent study from the Official Journal of The American Academy of Pediatrics. Bringing about yet another reason not to light up around little ones.
Pediatrician Dr. Daunne Peters,MD, said from the moment a pregnant woman walks in the door at the Clinics of North Texas they are told about the dangers of cigarette smoke.    
"It has very negative effects on the infant and the delivery process when that comes," said Dr. Peters.
Dr. Peters says kids around secondhand smoke are more prone to get sick, and more prone to have respiratory illnesses than a child who's not exposed.
She adds new studies revealing the danger of secondhand smoke are coming  out all the time.
It seems those dangers only seem to be increasing.
Dr. Peters said the latest study finds a very high association between secondhand cigarette smoke and behavior disturbances. Such as ADHA and Autism.
She said secondhand smoke is not a cause of those disorders, but has a high association.
Basically meaning, it increases your child's risk.
"Whatever all the environmental cues are, that's a big one, because it's always present in these higher levels of learning disabilities and ADHD. There is something going on there," said Dr. Peters.   
It was the dangers of secondhand smoke that made one Texoma grandmother put down her cigarettes forever.
Debra Saint says she has smoked off and on for decades, but when her granddaughter came into her life she knew she had to give it up for good. She did give it up and Debra is now 5 years smoke free.   
"You don't think of it as a big deal when it's just you, but then when you bring the grandchildren in, it's a big deal because you want them to be healthy," said Debra Saint.
If you are a smoker Dr. Peters realizes many feel what's the use in quitting, because the damage is done.
While she doesn't deny some permanent damage may be there, she is quick to add that things will get better and even improve if you simply take away the cigarette exposure.
Giving everyone a reason to quit.

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