Electra Band Heads to State Competition After Budget Cuts

Words of support and excitement for the high school band are all over Electra, all in anticipation for the bands trip to state competition.

"I know they are up there a lot putting in a lot of hours and practicing late at night and all day.  You drive by anytime and they are always out there, you can hear them.  So they deserve it," says Electra resident Amanda Quillen.

"We're so very lucky that we have a new band director Jim Straham.  Mr. Straham has done a tremendous job with these kids," says Allen Robb, also a resident.

Saturday morning the Electra High School and will be off to San Antonio for the state wide competition, an honor their director says didn't come easily.

"We just try wherever can we try to cut corners as much as possible," says Straham.

Like many other schools Electra faced budget cuts, requiring more thought when it comes to expenses.

"Our cuts were there but we've made the adjustments and we've been frugal.  I do the ironing, I do the stitching, fixing things, all that kind of stuff as much as possible.  We make it work," says Straham.

He has also been the bus driver for away games and the budget for eating out after the event has been erased, all in an effort to spend wisely and now their cautious spending paid off.

"That way we had saved a few hundred dollars a week and now all that money goes into our trip to San Antonio," Straham explains.

An $18,000 trip that the kids hope makes their community proud.

"It means a lot to us, it means a lot to this community," says member of the band, Kristin Doss.

You can watch Electra and others perform live on Monday by clicking here.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.