Sheppard Air Force Base to Lose Civilian Jobs

"We don't need that here or anywhere across the nation, we're all in a bad situation," says Texoma resident, Roy Rogers.

Linda Zeit, also a resident says, "I think it's sad."

Texoma residents are disappointed to learn some of their neighbors will lose their jobs at Sheppard Air Force Base.  For many, it's not just a problem for those who will be laid off.

"It effects us all, we all are effected by it," says Zeit.

"It'll effect the whole community, professional, retail, everything if we lost these jobs," says Benny Fleming, a Wichita Falls local.

According to a Sheppard representative, 42 jobs will be eliminated come March 31st, all part of an order from the Department of Defense to save money.

Sheppard says this does not necessarily mean that 42 individuals will be fired.  They say some of the jobs that will be officially removed from the books are already empty and for those that are not, Sheppard officials say they will work to move civilians into other job positions, hopefully saving them from termination.

"I think anything that can be done as far as voters and getting out and voting on changing this.  I mean I think we need it because Wichita Falls has lost a lot," says Rogers.

Back in 2005 the Base Realignment and Closure or BRAC effected hundreds after it moved programs out of Sheppard and away to other bases.  Thursday's announcement from Sheppard has some worried these job losses may bring more drastic changes.

Rogers says, "I think it would be something drastic if we lose all these employees."

"I think if they get rid of people it'll effect the economy.  It will effect businesses, it'll effect the housing industry and everything in this town," says Fleming.

"Even civilian employees that work for the military they need their jobs just as well as the military," adds Rogers.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.