Winterizing Your Home

With winter weather bearing down on Texoma, there are things experts say you should do to help your home fare well through the frigid temperatures. Most of them are quick, cheap and easy – and could spare you from thousands of dollars in repair bills. Newschannel 6 is always looking out for you; we went to the experts to see how you can protect your home.

Many winter repairs are plumbing-related. Our expert, David Cohn from David Cohn Plumbing says its cheap and easy to protect against costly repairs.

Unhook your hoses from outside faucets. "Always take the garden hoses off of the faucets especially people that have the frost proof hydrants that think they are frost proof. They are self draining, and if they leave the garden hoses on them, they will break sure as the world," said Cohn.

Buy thermal covers for your outdoor faucets. "You definitely want to buy the insulated covers for the outside hydrants… I think you could probably buy a half dozen for ten bucks, I don't think they are over a couple of dollars," he said.

Open your cabinets to plumbing that faces outside walls. "It freezes, the water expands and it expands outward," he said. The warm air will help prevent that.

Dripping faucets protect your pipes from freezing and bursting is a myth, according to Cohn. "Its got to be more than a drip you know, cause its going to freeze," he said.

The easy fixes are a lot cheaper than having a visit from David and his team after a problem happens. His minimum charge is $75 and he says that's in-line with other companies around Texoma. "Just use a little common sense, don't hope for the best and then be disappointed when it didn't happen," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6