Planet Fitness Pumping Up Jobs

Things are looking up on the jobs front. The latest data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is in. It shows 80,000 new jobs were created in October. The figures dropped the unemployment rate to 9.0% nation wide.

The biggest sector that saw growth was leisure and hospitality. 17 of the 22,000 jobs added in the industries were right here in Wichita Falls at Plant Fitness – a new 24 hour gym.

Gym owner Brian Hooker says he was at first worried about staffing a 24-hour operation from the start. "I was a little worried at first but there are people out there that need jobs and we do have people that are looking for night shifts," he said.

One of the new faces hired at Planet Fitness is Bryson Mathis. He loves working out, and is excited to get paid for his passion. "Everybody is out looking for jobs and for me to get one like this, here at this time and this location you just couldn't ask for anything better," he said.

For Hooker, now was the perfect time to open the franchise. "I actually thought this was a great time to get into business when things are sort of stale," he said. Hooker runs several other businesses in Wichita Falls. He said things are looking up across the board. "Each business that I'm involved with has increased with sales which means we are looking for people to fill the need," he said.

The 17 jobs created at the gym are not the end for Plant Fitness. He said membership continues to rise, and they will need to fill 5 to 10 more spots. "Right now we're looking for all positions," said Hooker.

Here is the breakdown of the latest numbers, according to CNN.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Unemployment Rate October 2011

9.0% (Down from 9.1% in September)

Job Gains/Losses

Up 80,000 in October, 22,000 below the 102,000 jobs expected by economists surveyed by CNNMoney.

104,000 Private sector jobs created and 24,000 government jobs lost in October.

Number of jobs added in September revised up to 158,000 from 103,000.

Number of jobs added in August revised up to 104,000 from 57,000.

October Jobs by Industry

(Up)      5K            Manufacturing

(Up)      22K           Leisure/Hospitality

(Up)      114K          Service-Providing

(Up)      11.6K         Healthcare

(Up)      6.1K          Mining

October Unemployment Rate by Gender/Race

Total Population              9.0%     (Down from 9.1%)

Adult Men (20 and over)       8.1%     (Held at 8.1%)

Adult Women (20 and over)     7.8%     (Down from from 8.3%)

Teenagers (16-19)             23.9%    (Down from 24.5%)

Whites             7.6%     (Held at 7.6%)

Blacks             14.3%    (Down from 15.9%)

Hispanics          11.0%    (Up from 10.8%)

Asians              7.3%    (Down from 7.8%)          *not seasonally adjusted

October Unemployment Rate by Education    

Less than High School Diploma 12.7% (Down from 13.0%)

High School Graduates 8.8% (Down from 9.1%)

Some College 8.1% (Down from 8.3%)

Bachelor's Degree 4.2% (Held at 4.2%)

Average duration of unemployment: 39.8 weeks

Total number of Unemployed 13.1 million

Of that total, 5.7 million or approximately 43.8% are long-term unemployed (27 weeks and over)

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6