Texomans React to Quake Aftershock

Texomans are still talking about the rattling felt Saturday night. Vibrations of an earthquake in Oklahoma were felt in our own backyard. Many people reported their house shook, others said their bed moved.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports a 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Lincoln County Oklahoma at 10:53 pm Friday.

Lights moved, cameras rattled and a small piece of the aftershock that struck Texoma was caught on tape. The camera moved and a TV monitor behind the anchor shook. Surprisingly we kept calm, luckily no damage for us but it certainly created a Sunday morning talking point.

"Actually I thought my brother was doing something in the kitchen so I was yelling at him to see what he was doing," said Michelle Stoddard.

"It scared me. I thought it was something paranormal," said Melissa Whitaker.

"She was right here in this room and this is where she had the rattles," said Chris Helde as he showed Newschannel 6 the area.

He was doing laundry two doors down from his wife.

"I just heard like a big 'ole scream and I went to check on my wife and she's like did you feel that? And I was like what are you talking about."

She felt the tremor but not him.

"She's like we had an earthquake! And I was like no way!"

Like a good husband he didn't let the shake, rattle his marriage.

"I didn't believe it but that's what she said and you gotta agree on the wife," said Helde.

No damage has been reported and Texomans are thankful that none of the sights from Lincoln County, OK were found here. There could be more aftershocks in the coming days and even weeks from the largest earthquake to rattle Oklahoma in its history.

In Oklahoma there have been major reports of damage, but no serious injuries. Friday's quake wasn't the first for residents. That same area in Lincoln County experienced a 4.6 magnitude quake early Saturday morning just after 2:00 am.

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