Feeding the Needy in Burkburnett

The Jubilee Christian Center delivers an average of 100 hot turkey dinners, but this year organizers expect to deliver double that amount. 

"I've seen it grow through the years and of course as this economy has worsened its gotten bigger," says Sue Waddell of the Jubilee Christian Center.

The project started 22 years ago when the church learned Thanksgiving is one of the few days during the year Meals on Wheels doesn't deliver to the hungry.

Knowing of the great need in their community, the church began giving what they could.

"They donate the food and we either cook it here at the center or they bring it in," says Waddell.

She has been a part of the event since the beginning and says there is one group in particular that needs the most help each year.

"We have a lot of elderly people that's not able to get out or anything and are going to be by themselves on Thanksgiving day," she says.

And volunteers say even though it's hard to see so many struggling during the holidays, it's their pleasure to serve.

"It's a big blessing to us to be able to bless the people in the community of Burkburnett," says Charlotte Emmert, a volunteer.

The annual event means more to Emmert than most.  Her brother once benefited from the delivered meals.  Sick with cancer and unable to travel to be with family for the holidays, it was the Thanksgiving meal that brought him comfort during a hard and lonely time.

"He just really appreciated it because he didn't want to be alone either," says Emmert of her brother.

She says the thought of knowing you helped to provide a hot meal on that day is gratifying in and of itself.  

"You are receiving, you're giving and receiving.  You give to them, but you receive the fulfillment in your heart the warmth and the humanness of what the holidays should be," says Emmert.

If you are interested in donating food or if you are in need of a hot meal on Thanksgiving, you can reach the Jubilee Christian Center at (940)569-7344.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.