Vernon Voters Approve Funds for Businesses

By just 42 votes, Vernon voters passed a proposition that would allow 4A Sales and Tax Proceeds to be used for local businesses. It would also help expand existing businesses.

Newschannel 6 went to Vernon and spoke with business owners. They say they could use the extra help. The preposition would help grow locally owned business and help them take advantage of all the city's resources. The proposition would also allow the city to really flourish and it would not cost the residents a single dime.

Locally owned businesses like The Vernon Plaza Theater are the lifeblood of Vernon's economy. The City of Vernon says it is those business that bring jobs and grow their future, but more importantly they give the city its true character.

Mark Farr-Nash comments about the proposition, "It's going to allow the BDC to help us and other businesses like us. What I consider to be a quality of life type of business in a very positive way."

The Business Development Corporation says under the proposition all local businesses in the service industry, like retail stores and restaurants will be eligible for money from the city. The BDC would be able to help new and existing businesses with funding and consulting and the economic development code in place will be changed. 

Farr-Nash says, "Because of the number of local businesses in town that could now make use of these funds and these resources. That alone should be enough to convince people that this is a good thing."

The City of Vernon says the proposition will not increase any taxes. The BDC will use funding from their already collected sales tax and just redistribute how that money is used.

The final vote was 196 FOR, 154 AGAINST.

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