Bowie Residents Approve Alcohol Sales

Vote to drink is the hot topic issue that some residents in Montague County voted for Tuesday. It's an issue that literally has the community divided, but tonight one side had more momentum than the other.

Results are in and the residents there want the booze. The breakdown is below.

Prop 1: The Legal Sale of Beer and Wine.

For: 2012  Against: 924

Prop 2: The Legal Sale of All Alcoholic Beverages for Off-Premises Consumption.

For: 1901  Against: 1006

Prop 3: The Legal Sale of Mixed Beverages in Restaurants by Food and Beverage Certificate Holders.

For: 2002  Against: 917

There's going to be a lot less driving for Bowie residents.

"Isn't it better to drive 2 blocks rather than drive 20 miles to get a six-pack," said resident Monte Covington.

"It's closer for me to go to Bridgeport but that's still 18 miles," said resident Nancy Price.

For Covington and Price that's not the case anymore. For the first time since before the
prohibition period Bowie can legally sell alcohol.

"The city could definitely use the sales tax revenue. We could do a lot with that money," said Price.

Still those who are against sale of alcohol in the community believe the city would be safer without it.

"I have a son that's a Sheriff's Deputy and I'm in the fire department and we only have two deputies on at night, they have enough trouble in this county sometimes as it is with just two and I think that's all the counties going to find," said life-long resident Lynn Preuninger.
The issue has gone from a sizzling debate, to a brewing battle, but now it's bottled up and settled.

It was during the summer months that a group of Bowie citizens garnered enough signatures to put it on the ballot for the first time. They were able to gain more than 1,300 signatures.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.