Texoma Vets Tie the Knot on 11-11-11

"I was thinking of him actually.  I figured this would be a really easy date for him to remember, 11/11/11 so if he forgets he's in a whole lot of trouble," said Joy Defosse, who is getting married today.

11/11/11 may be a magical date for many couples tying the knot today, but for the future Mrs. Joy Benson and her husband to be Donald, getting married on Veterans' day is much more significant.

"We just so happen to be Military Veterans' ourselves.  We are both retired from the Air Force," she said.

Having served for a combined 46 years as weapons troops, the significance behind this day runs deep for this military couple.

She said, "We actually considered getting married in our uniforms."

It was during their service while stationed in Germany, the two met and fell in love.  Even now, Joy's husband to be is on a short break from an overseas deployment.

"His civilian job takes him to Afghanistan and he just recently got back from there last week," said Joy.

He will return to his job overseas again in January, another reason why Joy says they wanted to be sure they got married today.  With preparations underway for the ceremony this evening, Joy can hardly contain her excitement.

"I cannot wait to be married to him.  I love him and I cant wait to be Mrs. Benson.  To have this as the background behind our wedding date really touches our heart because we are proud to have served," she said.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.