Texoma Veterans Honoring Veterans

Right now nearly 13,000 veterans are living in Wichita County. On Friday vets gathered at the Wichita County Cemetery to place flags on tombstones to honor their fallen comrades. Newshcannel 6 went to the ceremony and veterans tell us it is an honor to show their support on such a meaningful day.

The Wichita County Cemetery has a handful of vets gathered to show their gratitude and support. Among them Colonel Doug Chowning tells us of his entire career in the military, he has never come across such a close knit supportive military community.

Honoring the men and woman who have given the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. Is the message guest speaker Colonel Doug Chowning spoke about.  
Colonel Chowning says, "The thing that touches me is seeing the tombstones that are here. They show that these vets came from Vietnam, Korea, WWII. Now the same men are standing before me and they have sacrificed as well. They come back here to honor their friends, follow veterans and it's so important that we all do that."

Colonel Chowning says honoring these fallen soldiers is what they deserve. "We remember our vets we remember their sacrifice, both the living and the dead. We do it every year and we come and remember what they did for us and throughout the year. When we see a veteran, airmen, soldier, sailor, or marine, or even the flag we should remember."

And remembering is something the North Texas Patriot Guard Riders say is most important. So that our current troops know they have the up-most support when they come home.
Ted Foster, Ride Captain says, "There's a lot of people defending that flag and over the years, not just now. The young men and woman serving currently is our future."

Ted Foster tells us the Patriot Guard Riders honor deceased veterans on a weekly basis. They attending their funerals in the Texoma area.

The Wichita County Veteran's Office tells us they are trying to raise funds for a veterans memorial.The memorial would provide a place for family and friends to reflect at the Wichita County Cemetery.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6