Hunting Season in Full Swing

It's the season hunters have been waiting for all year, white-tailed deer season. It kicked off November 5 and since then hunters have been all over the state and country on the lookout for the perfect buck. This season differs a lot from opening day last year.

With our drought we've seen there's definitely going to be an impact, the biggest has been in the fawn production, many didn't make it. Brian Beasley who breeds white-tailed deer in Archer City says some of his deer died. And while he says it won't be the best year for hunting he believes the worst is yet to come.

Inside these high fences are dozens of deer, some young, others old all white-tailed deer that Brian Beasley breeds.

"We've been doing it seven years to breed bigger and better animals and get bigger and better animals," said Beasley.

Things this year haven't been better after he lost a few and deer haven't been bigger.

"The deer outside in the wild our horn growth is not going to be what it's used to because they were stressed," he said.

It's an issue that has plagued the entire state. Stress brought on from the drought. Wildlife Biologists say there is a dip in the population that will be apparent if not now, just a few years down the road.

"If you don't have a fawn crop you're not going to have them two years and it will pass on down the road."

That's why he struggled so hard this year to keep the fawn alive.

"We've had to bottle raise most of the fawn because the mother wouldn't tend to them due to the heat stress," said Beasley.

But it's not all bad news inside Triple H Processing more deer are coming in.

"I figured we'd be a lot slower because of the drought but its actually pretty average," said Josh Howell.

Above average in fact. Since the season began last weekend he's processed 115 deer, 15 more than last year. So while there may be fewer deer finding them isn't the problem

"Hunters need to realize that we are down and to be more selective and not just see how many deer we can shoot just to be shooting deer," said Beasley.

Deer hunting season ends January 1, 2012.