Greg Abbott Speaking Out on Supreme Court Decision

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is speaking out on the Supreme Court's decision to hear arguments on the health care reform law.

Abbott issued this statement:

"With the Supreme Court's decision to hear our challenge to ObamaCare, the federal health care law is closer to an end. Given the substantial implementation costs associated with this 2,700-page law--and the unconstitutional mandate that it will impose on all Americans--we are pleased that the Supreme Court has moved quickly and agreed to hear this very important case. As the federal district court and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in this very case, the federal government exceeded the constitutional limits of its authority by requiring all Americans to buy government-approved health insurance."

The Supreme Court could begin hearing arguments on the case as early as March; meaning, they could rule on the case as early as June, just four months before the 2012 presidential election.