Electra Introduces New Businesses

Jim Sandefur's drive through restaurant, Yardbird has been open for about two months.  He says business has been great.

"Tons of customers and everybody that comes is a repeat so I think they like it.  They keep coming back," says Sandefur.

Yardbird is just one of several businesses that are new or coming soon to Electra, something residents say they don't see too often.

"Not many businesses open in Electra.  Not very many come in this town," says resident, Bobby Gentry.

A fact the city says it's working hard to change.  A representative says it is their hope the introduction of businesses will revamp Electra's image.

"We would really love for people to see Electra as the people who live here see it.  We hear a lot of negative comments because it is a small town," says the city's Communication Coordinator, Katherine Cumpton.

A few new restaurants are seeing a steady flow of costumers and four new businesses opening later this week are also hoping to be welcomed by their community.

"We're just very excited about this opportunity," says Kim Ray, the owner of MT Sounds, a music shop opening Friday.

And while these businesses are all very different, all the owners say their main reasons for opening is to make shopping convenient for residents while bringing something unique to the community.

"That was the idea behind the chicken because I knew that there was nothing like that around here and the closest thing I think was Iowa Park," Sandefur says.

City officials hope more people will look at Electra as a good place to start their business.

"I hope that it just is able to continue.  A lot of people are worried that some of the small towns seem to disappear, but it makes me very happy to see new businesses here because we don't want that to happen," says Cumpton.

"I just hope everybody does good.  I think there's plenty of business and I wish everybody the best.  Good luck," says Sandefur.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.