Man Attacks Pick-Up Trucks

A night at the lake turns into an attack with a baseball bat by a man who is now facing a Criminal Mischief charge.
Wichita Falls Police arrested James Gregory Donaldson after a 911 call came in for a disturbance at a boat dock on Lake Wichita. When officers arrived witnesses told them that an older gentleman in a mobile home had approached them with a baseball bat and then wacked four different pick-up trucks before going back inside the mobile home.

Police located Mr. Donaldson and detained him. Donaldson told officers the teenagers were making too much noise. When he yelled at them to quiet down he said they began cursing at him. Then he said he heard what sounded like a pellet gun, and felt something hit his chin. It was then that he allegedly just starting hitting the teens pick-up trucks with the baseball bat. In all four trucks were damaged causing an estimated $14,700 in damage.