Courthouse Documents Missing: Are Security Cameras Needed?

"There's been a few occurrences, a few little disturbances and minor altercations in some of the courtrooms," says Young County Judge John Bullock.

Security cameras have been a topic of debate at the Young County courthouse, but Judge Bullock says in his 20 plus years of working in the building, no major crimes have been committed.

"I don't feel un-secure here myself,"he says.

But he does understand the argument in favor of the cameras from other court offices.  He says the juvenile probation, tax collector, justice of the peace and the county clerks office would stand to benefit the most from the possible addition of surveillance cameras.

"Those areas tend to have issues if there's going to be issues," says Bullock.

And there have been some recent issues.

"We've had some problems with some probates missing," says County Clerk, Debora Taylor.

The county clerks office says that in the past few months their staff has noticed  a large number of documents that have disappeared.  Because of the missing papers, the office has had no choice but to block off certain areas to the public and Taylor feels cameras would help prevent future problems.

Taylor says,"Our office is just very busy.  We have a lot of the public here doing research."

A total of 16 cameras have been requested at a cost of about $17,000.

Bullock says, "There's not enough money in that fund currently to completely fund this project."

Which is why Bullock says waiting on this security project may be the best idea, but some say these cameras are needed sooner rather than later.

"Just lets them know that they're not in a secluded area down there, that they are being watched," says Taylor.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.