Iowa Park CISD Looking At Renovations

The Iowa Park Consolidated Independent School District's Board of Trustees are looking at plans for improving some of their facilities. Iowa Park Superintendent Jerry Baird tells Newschannel 6 that the high school is 40-years old and just needs a few upgrades. There are accessibility issues at the school and the district's football stadium. According to Superintendent Baird, the high school needs a more accessibility for handicapped students and visitors to the school's entryway. The football stadium is as old as the high school and needs new seating. There is accessibility issues there as well. The stadium seats need to be upgraded. Also, the concession stand has safety issues with it's electrical supply.
The price tag for all of this would be somewhere between $12 and $30 million. Superintendent Baird, said the money would come from borrowed money or bond money. The Iowa Park CISD Board wants to have all the renovations in a package by January.