Honoring Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors are being honored in Wichita Falls. The Military Officers Association of America held a Wounded Warrior dinner at the MPEC Thursday night.

The point was to honor the sacrifices they have made. "Wounded warriors have given a lot to this country they make supreme sacrifices, not only the soldiers but their wives and other family members," said MOAA Local Chapter President Larry Petrash.

The service people traveled from all around for the dinner. They said it was nice to be honored. "I was wounded back in July of 2003… A female Iraqi nurse brought in some type of device… I lost my right foot above the ankle; it tore through my left eye. I lost about half of what the body holds in blood," said retired Army Sergeant Robert Armstrong.

SGT Armstrong was given 72 hours to live. Nine years later, he continues to search for his next mission. "I have a lot of fight in me, I believe there is some type of mission for me here. I'm not sure what it is," he said.

Events like the dinner give him encouragement. "There are a lot of times that strength is tested," said SGT. Armstrong.

The vets in attendance were from across generations. When Charlie W. Hampton served in the Army during WWII, horses still moved the field artillery. "Everybody I've talked to has said to thank me for everything I've done," said the 92 year old.

While the dinner may have just been one night, those who put the function on say they hope Americans remember the sacrifices made every day. "Its a real privilege to be able to recognize them tonight and honor them for their sacrifices to this country," said Petrash.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6