Update:TXSG Recruitment Drive

The Texas State Guard is looking for members in Texoma. The first recruiting drive was held Sunday afternoon, at the American Legion on East Scott Street in Wichita Falls.

LT.COL. Ron Soejoto said they are looking for people from all walks of life. He says you just need to be someone who is looking to serve and give back to the state.  LT.COL. Soejoto also said you don't have to come from a military background, they even have teachers who serve.

This is the first time in history, Wichita Falls is home to a Unit of the Texas State Guard. The volunteer state military force has formed the 454th Support Squadron to be based on Sheppard Air Force Base.

The role of the Texas State Guard is to help in times of emergency within the Lone Star State.

"We are Texans serving Texas," said LT.COL. Ron Soejoto.  The men and women of the Unit will assist local authorities during a crisis. "Our mission is to provide a ready force to aid in the local community and homeland defense," said LT.COL. Soejoto.

The Unit will serve in security and communications roles, when called upon.

"Our primary mission is going to be communications and security forces so if something happens in the community like a natural disaster and the local law enforcement requires assistance, law enforcement and protection of property or people we will provide those services," he said.

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