Arthritis and its Seasonal Aches and Pains

As Texoma temperatures continue to fluctuate people with arthritis can feel discomfort or pain in their joints. Some believe the changes in weather can cause flare-ups of their disease. Newschannel 6 sat down with health officials to find out if there is any truth to this.

Dr. Mattar tells us there is no scientific evidence out there that proves a change in weather causes arthritis flare-ups. But he does say once temperatures get colder his patients will complain the weather makes their symptoms worse.

Texomans suffering from different types of arthritis may feel their symptoms get worse when the weather gets colder. But Dr. Mattar with Wichita Falls Family Practice says it does not get anymore severe than that.  Dr. Mattar comments, "There is no scientific evidence that cold weather aggravates or flares up arthritis. But there is no doubt that in some conditions they have a harder time in colder weather."

However, when colder weather hits the area Dr. Mattar says that certainly brings in more patients with aches and pains. "A lot of my patients come in and people that have arthritis of different kinds, that say when the weather gets pretty cold they feel their symptoms get worse."

Symptoms such as pain or discomfort in the joints can occur, but Dr. Mattar says weather patterns cannot worsen your condition. The most common arthritis he treats is Osteoarthritis. Dr. Mattar says there are much more important factors to take into consideration than the weather. "We are designed in a very marvelous way when things are working well. It's the abuses that we can put on our bodies that lead to problems."

Obesity and not being active are some main problems that will cause wear and tear on the body and joints. Dr. Mattar's recommendation is, "I tell my patients they need to exercises and need to lose weight. You need to do muscle strengthening exercises for your thighs. Those are the things that will actually benefit them a lot."

Dr. Mattar tells Newschannel 6 it is important that during colder weather you are warming up your body before doing any out door activities. Such as exercising or just doing yard work. He says he will see more patients come in with muscle injuries or heart problems due to weather.

Dr. Matter tells Newschannel 6 if you do suffer from any type of arthritis and you are feeling symptoms get worse due to weather, always consult with your doctor before taking anymore medication to help the pain.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6