Montague County Sheriff's Investigating Deadly Hunting Accident

The Montague Sheriff's Office says a call for an ambulance came in around 7:50 pm Sunday night.

"An individual had fell out of a tree stand and his hunting partner had found him," says Sheriff Paul Cunningham.

Robert Allen Doubrava of Forth Worth was hunting with a partner over the weekend in Montague County.  He was on a tree stand, equipment that allows the hunter to sit high in a tree in hopes of spotting deer.

"It appears they were on a 1,000 acre hunting lease and one partner was on one side of the lease and the other one was on the other," Cunningham says.

The Sheriff says that when Doubrava's partner had a hard time trying to get in touch with him, he became concerned.

"There was some text messages that were attempted to be sent to him and when he didn't respond the other hunter became concerned and went to looks for him and found him," says Cunningham.

Sheriff Cunningham says, "When the ambulance arrived they found that he was deceased."

Doubrava was found on the ground below the 29 foot tree stand.  While officials are continuing to investigate the details of that night and what caused Doubrava to fall, the Sheriff says it appears to have been an accident.  An accident that Wichita County Game Warden Steven Cantu says is not uncommon.

"Every year there's several accidents that happen," he says.

That's why Cantu says its important to have the proper training before any hunting trip.

"We have an actual program called the Hunter's Education Program," he says.

A course that all hunters are required to take to hunt legally.  Cantu says it teaches what could be life saving hunting safety.

"You want to take every safety precaution available that's out there on the market or that you can think of that's going to save your life or possible somebody you're with," he says.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.