Burk Homeowners Can Petition for Carports

Burkburnett residents who have longed for a carport now have the opportunity to build one.
Since 2000 the city's zoning ordinance hasn't allowed for new ones to be built, but all that changed at Monday's City Commissioner's meeting.

"It's a very valid question when it came up," said Burk City Manager Tim James.

A simple question too, many Burk homeowners wondering why their neighbor could have a carport but not them.

"There has been a lot of residents who have asked to be able to construct carports but there's no avenue for them to request to build that," said James.

Under the new Carport Overlay District homeowners who want to construct one would first
need to petition and get the approval of at least 75 percent of their neighbors in a one block radius.

"If that happens they can approach the Planning and Zoning Commission and ultimately City Commission to get an overlay district placed on top of their existing zone."

If they succeed in doing so there are restrictions. For instance, only new material can be used for construction, it can't be enclosed and it can't extend past their property line. For some homeowners it's been a long time waiting, 11 years to be exact and while there was nothing
they could do about it back then now they just need to convince their neighbor.

The zoning to eliminate the construction of carports back in 2000 was because Commissioners wanted a more attractive appearance for the city.

During the meeting officials unanimously approved an ordinance to create a cemetery board. It was approved for seven members with no member allowed to serve more than five consecutive two year terms.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.