The Cost of a Thanksgiving Meal

"I bought eggs for pea salad and I bought macaroni for macaroni and cheese and cranberry sauce of course," says Pat Sosbee as she describes her Thanksgiving shopping.

Texoma shoppers are heading to grocery stores, stocking up for Thursday's feast and one thing most shoppers are saying is that prices aren't so bad this year.

"I was surprised.  I felt like I got a lot for my money," says Joellen Tritton, another shopper.

The state average for a typical Thanksgiving dinner this year comes to $48.69, a slight increase from last year.

"We are lucky that we can rely on low affordable prices for the most part this year," says Amanda Hill of the Texas Farm Bureau.

Each year around Thanksgiving the Texas Farm Bureau sends shoppers to survey costs in their area.  The data is sent back to the Waco headquarters and the state average for items like turkey and stuffing are found.

"A couple of the items on the survey did increase in price, but the one that was most noticeable to us is the price of shelled and halved pecans," Hill says.

An increase of about 18%.

"Part of the reason for that is this extreme drought that we've experienced in Texas," she says.

Shrinking 40 % from last year, fewer pecans mean prices will increase.  And while this may bring shoppers totals up a bit higher this year, what's encouraging and even surprising is that even with a tough year in weather and the economy many other prices are staying close to the same.

"Most things yes, I thought they were pretty reasonable," says Sosbee.

And for someone who says they normally spend about $300 just for Thanksgiving shopping, spending just over $100 was a surprise.

"I was very pleased with the total price of everything," says Tritton.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.