Choose Life Specialty License Plate In Texas Ready To Go

Texas' newest specialty license plate, Choose Life, is on sale across the state.
     Proceeds from the sale of the license plates will go to promote infant adoption as an alternative to abortion.
     The Texas Alliance for Life has been the core of a coalition of pro-life, pro-family organizations that lobbied for 10 years in the Texas Legislature, which finally authorized the creation of the plates during most recent regular session.
     Joe Pojman, Ph.D., Executive Director for Texas Alliance for Life says "We are thrilled to see the fruits of our labor finally realized with the availability of the Choose Life license plate in Texas. Thanks to the support of the Legislature, Gov. Rick Perry, numerous pro-life organizations, and thousands of pro-life Texans, our state now has a specialty license plate with the message 'Choose Life.' Supporters across the state can promote the loving option of adoption wherever they drive."