Hospice Tree Of Lights Underway

Newschannel 6 at 6 took you live on Thursday to the lighting of the hospice tree of lights at the Chase Bank building on Kemp. It's not only a holiday tradition in Texoma but serves as a huge fundraiser for Hospice of Wichita Falls.
It costs $10 to light a light on the tree. You can light it for anyone you want, or in memory of anyone you want. The goal for the tree of lights campaign is $175,000 and officials say they work hard so that goal does not have to rise every year. Hospice of Wichita Falls CEO Alisa Echols said, "We know there's a lot of other needs in the community. A lot of other non-profits that are needing support, so we want them to get support too. We feel like $175,000 was a good number this year. Same number for the last six years."

That $175,000 goal reaches so many. The ones that really benefit are the patients in need.
"You know the number of non-funded patients are continuing to increase," said Echols. "Just with the economy, people losing jobs, and unfortunately we're seeing younger patients. So the money goes to people that don't have Medicare or Medicaid or private insurance."

You can made a donation at the Hospice Care Center on Johnson Road in Wichita Falls. There you can donate in person or over the phone. There is also a  kiosk in the Sikes Senter Mall starting Friday. You can go online to their website by clicking here.