Only On 6: February Freeze Babies

Texoma seems to be experiencing a baby boom 9 months after the February Freeze. Newschannel 6 made the trip to United Regional to learn more about the boom and met a family with a brand new addition, two in fact. The lives of the Stout family changed forever on October 18, 2011.

Two more were added to the family, making the Stouts a family of 7. Casey Stout, says his wife, Alaina, was such a trooper. "She never even broke a sweat. She made it look easy, like she's had 5 kids! She's a pro" said Casey Stout.

Casey said for him though, delivery was a different story. "It was kind of scary being in the operating room because they have everything ready just in case anything goes wrong. You're already on edge because you're having babies but honestly the staff and doctor were amazing. Everything went just as smoothly and perfectly as we could hope for it was awesome" said Casey. Weighing in at 7lbs. 7 oz. and 5 lbs.12 oz., the boys were perfect.

Alaina says it's dad, Casey, who's a pro!

"He's very supportive to me. He took off two weeks after they were born and stayed home, and took care of the girls so I could take care of the boys and myself. He has been just great!" The sweet faced twins, also added to what United Regional nurses are calling a baby boom.

"A lot more deliveries, seeing a lot more patients even triage patients and it seems there's a lot of pregnant people out there right now." said Pam Woods RNC-OB, United Regional Healthcare Center. Woods said the recent boom can definitely be traced back to the February Freeze.

"Anytime we have weather issues like that, where it's cold and people stay inside, we see a lot more deliveries." When Newschannel 6 did the math from the twins November 2, 2011 due date, it seems the boys are not just part of the boom, but also February Freeze babies.

This isn't the first time a winter storm has increased the number of deliveries. United Regional nurses said the Christmas Blizzard of '09 made the following September extremely busy.

Nurses believe the boom doesn't show any sign of slowing down with the recent numbers tripling the amount of expecting mothers coming through to tour the Labor & Delivery Ward before giving birth.

As for future Stout babies?

Casey says they weren't going for five kiddos, but neither him or his wife are completely ruling out baby number six.