Nocona Thanksgiving Meals

Hundreds of families and individuals in Nocona who do not have the means to provide a Thanksgiving dinner will be provided with a warm meal. Newschannel 6 visited with Christ Community Church. They tell us it really takes a community effort to provide hundreds of meals.

Pastor Belinda Henderix of Christ Community Church tells us church members along with community members will be spending Thanksgiving Day preparing, serving, and delivering meals to the needy. Belinda says for the past two years they have fed nearly 800. This year they are expecting just as many in need of a warm meal.

Every year their numbers keep growing and more families and individuals living in Nocona are needing the help. Christ Community Church says they try to prepare themselves as best they can to provide hundreds of Thanksgiving meals.

Henderix comments, "We don't have anyway of knowing, but we always have leftovers. There is always going to be enough." Pastor Henderix says the preparations have already started 50 turkeys and hams are on the smoker.

But Thanksgiving morning the rest of the cooking is done at Nocona's Dairy Queen where Owner Guy Hall  hands over his facility to the Christ Community Church and its volunteers. The team cooks and delivers Thanksgiving meals throughout the day. Henderix says, "They love to see the faces of people they are handing that plate to and how much joy it brings them. We have people from all over the community that drop in tomorrow to deliver meals."

Travelers even drop in on their route through Nocona. "They pull up to order a hamburger and they end leaving with a free turkey dinner. We see tears a lot of times because it's people who were not going to have a Thanksgiving dinner. Not necessarily because they couldn't afford it, but because they were traveling and didn't have a family to go have it with."

Team volunteer and Dairy Queen Manager Tammy Skinner says it is all about paying it forward in the Nocona community. "We just like being in our community. Our community keeps us strong so we want to keep our community strong."

And Henderix only hopes everyone's actions continues to keep the community strong. "We just want people to know God loves them and that he uses us in order to do that. He shows his love through our hands and feet."

Pastor Belinda Henderix tells us this is their eighth year of serving meals to the community. She says it has become a tradition in some families. There are a number of families who spend their Thanksgiving dinner at the Nocona Dairy Queen.

Christ Community Church welcomes everyone to enjoy their homemade Thanksgiving cooking. They say you do not need to make a reservation and the meal is free. You can either call the Nocona Dairy Queen or stop by from 11am to 2pm to get a warm meal. You can contact the Nocona Dairy Queen at (940) 825 - 3301.


Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6