Family Of Seymour Quarterbacks

Zach Barton entered the 2011 season with some big shoes to fill. He'd be starting at quarterback as a sophomore, following a three-year starter who'd led Seymour to the playoffs in all three seasons.

On top of all that, he'd be following his big brother, Aaron Barton.

"He's handled it real good," Seymour senior wide receiver Tyler Baker said. "We're obviously still playing."

Seymour is back in the playoffs for the fifth straight season, set to take on an 11-0 Sundown team in the regional round on Friday at 1:00 p.m. in Abilene.

"It's everything I expected to be," Zach Barton said. "It's real fun coming out and playing with these guys every day."

Despite all the pressure and expectations, it's been a seamless transition from one Barton to another.

"He's just a calm, cool and collective guy. He just doesn't get rattled," Seymour head coach Rocky Smart said.

Zach's calm demeanor may be genetic. He's the third Barton brother to start at QB for the Panthers.

"It was always fun watching them throw the ball all over the place," Zach said. "I wanted to be like them throwing the ball."

Aaron started from 2008 to 2010, while Kyle started 2002 to 2004. Trent, the second oldest Barton brother, also played football as a lineman. All three brothers have helped prepare Zach for the season. The trio talks to him about reads, footwork and everything else football.

"It helps out a lot," Zach said.

With Zach set to start the next two seasons, Seymour players and coaches know what a luxury consistency at the position brings to the team.

"Any time I'm running a route and the ball's coming to me, I know it's going to get there," Baker said. "When your time comes, he'll get you the ball."

Despite two years of quarterback play on the horizon, Zach wants this season to continue. He'll attempt to do so, following the best advice his older brothers have given him.

"To just have fun, that's what the game is meant to be," Zach said.